Hier ein Beitrag einer anderen Pro-Ana-Seite. Dieser Beitrag gefällt mir sehr gut, ich kann mich sehr damit identifizieren. Leider weiß ich auch hierbei nicht mehr, blöde wie ich bin, woher genau er ist. Wenn jemand von euch es weiß, bitte sagt es mir!

I have no problem to eat,
my only problem is,
that i'm to fat,
you can't be skinny enough

i'm good enough, but i don't care
i'm good enough, but i'm not there
i'm good enough, but i don't care
the sun is out, but i'm not there

i'll never see what you see
and i rot in my skin
as a piece of me dies everyday
i know i'm nothing
because i'm ugly

My little Pro Ana Site,
yes, i love Ana,
it's not a mistake,

My Rules
.Weight often
.Suck icecubs
.Eat babyfood
.Become vegan
.Take vitamines
.Eat very slowly
.Eat with fingers
.Eat from little plates
.Dont think about food
.Make sport very often
.Dont have the time to eat
.Eat only the half of a meal
.Lock at other pro-ana sites
.Put models around youre bed
.Drink water as much as you can
.Alway remind that you are to fat
.Sleep alot, so you cant be hungry
.Eat only in front of somebody and smile
.Say you have problems with you stomache and can't eat a lot

.Put a model on your fridge
and one of a dead animal

I'd like to tell you something 'bout me (:

First i have to say, i'm german and my english is very bad,
so if you find some mistakes please tell me!

I'm very shy and maybe to emotional. I'm with nobody in love and not say 'bout this.
I'm addictet to many things, mostly to music and emotions.
Many People doesn't like me but thats okay 'cause i don't like them too.

I miss my cat and my best friend ever ever [THANK YOU GOD]

I'm not sure why, but boy's dont like me realy, bit i don't care.

I have since 19month problems with my stomache and nobody can help my.

I got also bad habbits,
i'm a alcoholic and i love it to hurt my friends, yeah i'm a bitch,
i fall everytime in love with a boy, how lives to far away from me,
i love it to be depressed and see everything black,
i love it to be scream and beeing loud, i love to dance under the shower!
it's so funny ^^

And yeah, i don't like many things, i don't like meat and bad parents,
i hate it when my dad hit my mom and i hate cops, they all are bastars,
but i'm okay and i'm still alive.

I also don't like Love and Tears.

That's enough!

Frequent Asking Questions

Where i am?
You are on my little site,
many thoughts and feelings
about ana.

What is ana?
Ana means anorexia,
i know, many people tell us,
ana is a problem,
but i think this is a way of life,
as long as you can control it

Who made the Layout?
I made the layout.

If you have more question's, send me a eMail.
Maybe some People ask themselves,
why do have some people ana?

I can't just talk about me...
i'm not sure why, but i WANT to have control,
i want to be skinny, cause i love this look,
i love to see my bones!

Yeah, maybe some of you think this is sick,
but why?
'cause people say you HAVE to be fat?
cause in every movie you see fat womens?
womens how cant see her bones?
ooooh yeah, this is not sick you think?
oh hunny, shut the fuck up,
i love it to be sick,
oh yeah, just let me live okay?

I don´t care about what they said,