The Ana Clique

The Hardcore Ana: The girl who's thinnest - the one you aspire to be.

The Fat Ana: The ones who says they are Anorexic, but still really fat.

The Wannarexic: Tries hard, over-indulgies - then lies like a bitch.

The Depressed Ana: Eating makes her more depressed - Starving brings on a sense of happiness.

The Athletic Ana: Starves to be the best at sports, gymnastic, etc.

The Ana Perfectionist: Everything in her life must be perfect - including her body; starving will make her perfect.

The Hot Ana: Only choose Ana because it will make her look good & therefore guys will want her.

The Pressured Ana: Frieds & family pressure her too much to be thin.

The Natural Ana: The one whos been Ana since she was a child - there beautyful body is how I strive to be.